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How to connect to GetYourGuide reseller

Prior to setting up a connection with GetYour Guide you will need to have a GetYourGuide supplier account, if you do not have this setup please use the follow link to create an account

To connect to any reseller go to Resellers -> Connections section on your account and hit + New Connection button.

You'll be shown the list of all currently available connections to choose from.

(in this case select GetYourGuide in the top-right corner)

The following tab pops up asking for:

Name - of the connection
Reseller - to choose from your list of resellers (created in Resellers -> Resellers section)
GetYorrGuide Email - you get this and the password from GYG directly
GetYourGuide Password

After you enter those credentials Ventrata creates a connection to GYG and you will see the tab for mapping.

Note: You may have more than one connection to GYG from a single Ventrata account. For example when you want to manage your cities individually or if you want to have each of your business units with it's individual GYG account, because they all have different owners or pay to different bank accounts. Or you just want to differentiate your operations.

In the Mapping Tab you can see LISTING of the products created on GYG side and VENTRATA PRODUCT (with options and tiers) showing the products created in Ventrata to map to.

When you click on particular row you get the following tab showing the name of the product (as stated on GYG) with the link below.

And Product field to map it to Ventrata product with corresponding Option and Tier (if applicable)

Note: The products which are not mapped correctly are highlighted in red.

Updated on: 13/10/2021

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