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Supplier Settings

Supplier Settings

This subsection contains a basic settings of your account. You may find the following tabs here:

Supplier Details
City Connect
English (or whatever language you have enabled)

Supplier Details

In this tab you can see an overview of some important information regarding the supplier. There is even more behind Edit Details button:

Exchange Rate - for all available currencies

Test Mode - if you are in test mode all the test booking data will count towards the total in dashboard, reports, etc. (if you are in live mode, test booking data is ignored)
Secure password policy - typical “Your password must have at least 8 characters, of which one should be a number, two should be in the ahmraic alphabet, and symbols must have the letter a in between them”
Postmark domain - this allows the booking notification emails to come from the supplier domain (which is instead of
SMS sender - the name that appears on the SMS you receive with your tickets
Contact Email - of the supplier
Order Timeout (mins) - the time before an order expires in a shopping cart
Concierge Name - the name that comes up on the concierge portal
Concierge Email
Concierge Telephone
Reseller Signup Email - the email address that receives signup notifications
City Connect Supplier ID - City Connect is our API tool, the supplier ID is usually your domain name
City Connect Supplier Password
Contact Telephone

Available currencies
Default Currency
Default language
Available languages
Time Zone
Primary Colour - the primary colour for the Ventrata application used on terminals
Secondary Colour - the secondary colour for the Ventrata application used on terminals
Concierge cname - concierge domain name
Concierge layout - alter the layout for the point of sale
Feedback email delay - send an automated email requesting feedback after completion of the tour (set in a days)
Booking Notification Email - where you receive notifications for each new booking
CC Every Email - to CC the booking notification email to all emails that ventrata sends to clients (like booking confirmation, update and cancellation emails)
Booking Notification Sources - the sources that trigger email notifications

Feedback URL - these url will be added as an icons with links to a footer of the webpage
Review URL
Facebook URL
Google URL
Tripadvisor URL
Twitter URL
Youtube URL
Instagram URL
Default manifest view
Ticket receipt - default
Booking receipt

Deposit receipt
Order receipt
Transaction receipt
Enable order recovery email - when enabled choose a template
Enable order confirmation email
Enable order cancellation email
Enable order update email
Enable booking reminder email
Enable booking feedback email
Enable reseller application email
Enable reseller welcome email
Enable waiver reminder email
Order recovery promotion - a promotion that comes with an order recovery email
Pos gateway - set different payment gateways for a POS (point of sale, as in terminals and box office)
Com gateway - set different payment gateways for COM (web checkout)
Moto gateway - set different payment gateways for MOTO (concierge)

Concierge terms - choose a file that concierge has to accept when logging into an account (this should be a PDF)
Default reseller credit limit - the default value for how much a reseller can sell by cash
Gift Card Min Amount
Gift Card Email Instructions
Email footer - add a footer to automated emails (such as “Ventrata®, all rights reserved)
Billing details - the supplier’s billing details for invoicing resellers
Billing terms
Privacy terms
Mailjet api key - used for campaigns
Mailjet secret key
Ventrata Column - customising exports for SAP and other ERPs
Your Column - customising exports for SAP and other ERPs
Key - this is for tasks, key gets added to so like to create tasks


You can upload images here to be used for branding your account:

Favicon - this is used in the tab of your browser
Company Logo - this is used on branded items such as receipts, tickets and emails
White Company Logo - this is used on branded items such as receipts, tickets and emails (you can overlay it on coloured backgrounds)
Concierge Logo - this is used on concierge branded items like receipts, tickets and emails
White Concierge Logo - this is used on branded items like receipts, tickets and emails (you can overlay it on coloured backgrounds)

City Connect

This is our API tool.

You can ger to City Connect Dashboard through here.


You can upload a new fonts to be used for your account (ttf files for both Bold and Normal text).

Via + New Font button:

Normal ttf
Bold ttf

Note also the button for Delete Test Data which deletes all data marked as test on your account.

English (+ any available languages)

This is for custom variables.

The idea is to use them for voucher templates and for translations. Say you had a voucher in English and Irish and you wanted to translate customer name. You would create a variable in English called e.g. customer_name and put in whatever it is in Irish on the next tab.


This is a place to set up your payment gateways.

We use:


This is a complex and specific process, please contact your account manager for support on how to setup a payment gateway.
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